Elaine Davidson

The Black Princess

About Elaine

Elaine Davidson is the "Most Pierced Woman" according to the Guinness World Records.

When examined by a Guinness World Record official in May 2000, Davidson had 462 piercings, with 192 in her face alone. By August 9, 2001 when she was re-examined she was found to have 720 piercings. Performing at the Edinburgh Festival in 2005, the Guardian reported that she now had 3,950 body piercings. She has more piercings in her genitalia than in any other part of the body - 500 in all, externally and internally. The total weight of her jewelry is estimated to be about 3 kilograms. As of May 2008, Davidson's piercings total 5,920. As of Jun. 2009 her piercings total 6,700. She was born in Brazil and worked as a nurse. She now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Elaine never removes the rings and studs, which she estimates weigh a total of three kilos. She insists there is no pain involved in piercing and sleeps soundly with all of her piercings in place. A lady of many talents, Elaine also sleeps on a bed of nails, walks on fire and lays on broken glass, and holds a black belt in Judo which she earned in Japan.

"People often just want to look at me or touch me - some even want to kiss me"

Elaine does not drink, take drugs or smoke cigarettes and she wants people to know this. In some ways this is because she sees her position in the Guinness Book of Records as a responsibility as much as a dedication. However, Elaine does have a soft spot for coca cola.